Before we booked the hotel there, I'd never heard of Eze. Never in my life. It didn't even sound like a real place, and the pictures we found online looked like a part of Disney World or something.

But is was very real, and very beautiful.

Eze is a city perched high above the water, seemingly at the top of the Riviera. We were told later on in the trip that it was popular with Russian oligarchs, and I can easily believe it because it was ridiculously expensive. An espresso for 6 euro? Please. 

But, it had absolutely breathtaking views, and if you wandered around the crazy twisting turning streets you could find more affordable food. Plus...there's two perfume factories? Workshops? Places that make fragrance? Whatever. Smelly nice things.

Don't miss:
Superb Pasta and Pizza:
Gorgeous Sea Views and lovely plants:
A lovely fragrance tour and sampling:

We went for our anniversary and had a lovely time smooching, finding village cats, drinking wine, and taking in the French Riviera's beauty. There wasn't that much to do, but at the beginning part of the trip, not doing much was precisely the goal. 

Next week: Avignon & Wine Tasting in Châteauneuf-du-Pape

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