Currently, I'm writing about 3 different books. It's frustrating, and at the same time, liberating to have more than one project at a time. I also have article deadlines ringing into my inbox, and emails to read, reply to, and book stories to talk to. It never ends. 

Being a writer is like that, though. You're always writing something. In your mind, on a scrap of paper, in a tiny notebook inside your purse, in the notes section of your iPhone you type away, or, if you're lucky, you have your regular notebook handy. 

And when I'm not writing, I'm reading. Because all writers must be readers as well, and good ones. Ones that read wide and deep and are a little interested in everything. I'm reading realistic fiction and travel diaries, biographies, science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. Classics and short stories, Young Adult, Time-Slip romance and round it all off with Literary Fiction.

In the meantime, my favorite thing to read is positive reviews for my work and emails from readers. A chapter that touched them, a short story that made them cry. A line that resonated or a paragraph they couldn't stop reading, or a whole novel they just couldn't put down.  I know the feeling because I'm a reader too. 

So, here's my question. Have you read any Alexandria Nolan lately? 

Find me at Amazon Author Pages: Alexandria Nolan and pick your poison.


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