Santa Monica + Venice

I wish I could say that our recent trip to the City of Angels was all sunshine and smiles, but alas, it was not. Smiles, they were aplenty, but sunshine... not so much. While we did have some peeks here and there, some warm rays to remind us that the beach was tantalizingly close, for the most part, it was gray clouds and chilly temperatures for the entirety of the trip.

But, we were visiting with friends, and eating our way around town and had a lovely, lovely time. 

Long weekend tips:
+Stay in an AirBnb. It was much less expensive than the hotels in Santa Monica and the locations are, by and large, fantastic. 
+Take a Lyft over to the Los Leones Trailhead or Palisades Park for some absolutely gorgeous hiking/walking (that is relatively easy)

Fala Bar - Best vegan/organic/Mediterranean food...maybe on Earth.
Beaming- Juice, smoothies, another absolute favorite (The Buddha Bowl was next level)
Sugarfish- Sushi. 
Zankou Chicken- It's basically a staple.

The Broad: Contemporary Art Museum, with a very, very long line. Get tickets in advance, and head over to Otium next door afterward for drinks.
Los Leones Trailhead- For that hiking I promised earlier. 

More trips to come!

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