Keeping Current

I'm craving a colder time of year that I'm just not getting here in Houston. I want sweaters and blankets and fires in the hearth. So, instead, I am trying to satisfy those desires with hot cocoa with extra whip cream and turning the A/C way down in order to cover myself in blankets and dogs and kitties, all huddled together to keep warm. 

But, I have finished the initial write of Forget Me Not Blue, which should be available for pre-order in late November/Early December. I am now putting all of my efforts into finishing Sunlight Serenades, the third and final book in the Starlight Symphonies series. So far, so good, and as long as I'm writing and people are liking what I'm writing, for the most part, I'm happy. Somewhat. 

Writing really is torture in a lot of ways.

Reading: I've just finished Mimi Matthews's "The Lost Letter" and it was a perfect finish-in-an-afternoon and leave you smiling kind of read. I've also been reading through everything Mary Stewart, her entire fabulous works, which are now almost entirely available on Kindle, praise be to the lord. I would highly recommend Nine Coaches Waiting because it's absolutely brilliant. And finally, after reading VE Schwab's ADSOM Series to my complete glee, I have begun her Dark Duet series, which I expect I will probably adore. 

Besides that, working, writing, yoga-ing, and walking the dog in an altogether too-hot Houston. 

That's me currently. 

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