Farewell, Houston

view of downtown from Buffalo Bayou


I've lived in Houston too long. And I've never really felt "at home" here. It was always a "passing through" kind of place. I'm not sure how to describe it. But we are leaving, for a new city in a new country and a new phase of our life entirely. A phase that adds a member to our family, (who, unbelievably, isn't going to be covered in fur and need to have its litter changed or be walked outside in order to go to the bathroom.) It's a baby that's coming, and even though he was made in Houston, he'll never call it home.

Which, in a way, makes me glad. Very glad. But at the same time, there are things I will most certainly miss. For one, the theater here. Stages Theatre has been a favorite of ours for the past couple of years. We see plays about once every other month, and have enjoyed all of them. We'd often walk to the theater from our house, in fact, which was also, very lovely. I'll miss the Whole Foods across the street from my house, as the city we are moving to has no Whole Foods at all. (OH THE HUMANITY) and I will be very sad to leave the Museum of Fine Arts. Our favorite restaurants, wine bars, local shops...all difficult to leave behind.

But other than that, I am really pretty ready to wave goodbye to the Bayou City.  I must have gypsy blood, because if I don't move around often I get stir crazy, cabin fever, the urge to go, go, go.

That doesn't mean we won't miss the friends we have made here, the connections, the nights out at restaurants and the family we both have that has relocated to this city. I'm sure it will hit me more and more as the days pass away from leaving Houston. It will be very lonely in a new city, especially at first. 

But, the memories I will take with me. After all, Houston is where I met my husband, fell in love, married him. It is the city where we found out we were going to become parents. It is the city that all of our adventures have started from as we left on a plane headed for various spots around the globe. Our animals are from here, and here is where we bought our first home. I will always look at this city as a finding place. A place where I found parts of my adult self, where I grew up a little more, where I met my partner and best friend. And from here, we will launch our future into someplace wonderful. Adventures unexperienced as of yet, explorations to come, challenges not yet attempted. Houston, our launchpad. 

Au revoir, Houston. See y'all later.

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